YES Mission matters!

Hello! Bonjour! مرحبا! 你好! from the Mission Crossroads Conference of the Presbyterian Church USA in Louisville, KY. Most of the “Mission Advocates” (people who work within Presbyteries to help churches reach out to the community and the world) from all the Presbyteries in the US, as well as the “Mission Network leaders” (who are knowledgeable about different countries and regions and can arrange connections overseas) from all over the world are gathered here to network and learn from each other.

And since the whole point of the conference is to help us all better connect: churches, presbytery and the world mission field then there’s no time better than the present to plug you into what is going on. The churches in Providence Presbytery are doing great things, but too often the the right hand never hears what the left hand is doing. Certainly it is time to change that, so that churches don’t feel so isolated, especially small churches who could work together to be even more creative and effective.

Mission Matters is the title of this blog and that is the deepest truth of what it means to be Christian. As our preacher for tonight, Veronica Muchiri, an elder and Women’s Guild Organizer from Kenya put it; “Why is mission important? It’s important because it was intrinsic to Christo . So if Christ is important to us, so must our sense of mission be important to who we are as people of God. Jesus went out in mission his whole life, giving, and giving and giving–expecting nothing in return. And where did that sense of mission come from? It came from LOVE; Mission is LOVE in action.”

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